Food traceability software refers to a specific kind of software designed to help businesses maintain the traceability of their products. There are various ways in which this is accomplished, including manufacturers uploading information about food items they have manufactured. It tracks the physical movement of products and their previous locations, as well as information about the final destination.

Why Food Traceability?

Food traceability is essential so that manufacturers and distributors can keep track of the physical location of their products. They can also identify potential problems, such as contaminated or expired food items, before it reaches the customer. This is important for customer safety as well as to maintain brand reputation.

What to Look In a Food Tracking Software

There are several different factors to consider when selecting food tracking software :

  • Allows you to record all of the relevant data, including the geographic location, date, and time. It should also have the ability to add additional information such as drivers, notes, or documents.
  • Allows you to record the food items logically, including which batch of food items. This is important so that you can identify which batches should be recalled and which ones are safe.
  • Allows you to adjust the categories that are important to you. For example, if you only wanted food items purchased at Walmart, it might be simpler to have all products come under one category.

Which Food Tracking Software?

There are a number of different food traceability software packages available that you can use for tracking your food. Some of these packages are more complex than others. For example, suppose you are a small business operating in one location and don’t have a lot of products to track. In that case, something simple like the GFSI certification Software from Third Party Certification Provider can work for you.