Study after study shows that customers and employees have a fundamental lack of trust in companies. Nearly 90% of employees don’t trust that their boss thinks they’re doing a good job. Barely 36% of people trust large businesses. But what if your customers and your employees knew exactly how your business performed last month? Radical transparency can transform how clients and employees view your company. Authena technology allows individual products to be tracked end to end, from warehouse straight to the customer. Here’s how it can transform your business today.

Boost Your Reputation As An Authentic Business

An authentic business is one that believes in their products and is proud to share its successes with the customer. But full transparency about your end-to-end processes shows your clients that you aren’t afraid to share your mistakes either. A reputation as an authentic business will not only allow you to differentiate yourself from competitors, but will help your customers to foster trust in your business. As an additional bonus, your employees will feel more trusted and be more productive, too. High trust workplaces report a productivity boost of as much as 106%.

You Will Benefit From A Better Customer Experience

4 out of 5 customers will forgive a business for a mistake if they offer a very good customer service experience. This proves that it isn’t genuine errors that companies need to worry about, but the poor customer service that comes with covering up a lie. Accurate and truthful reporting about any mistakes will help improve the customer experience, and drive your business as a result. Over 90% of individuals with a positive customer experience will consider themselves loyal to that brand.

Learn From Your Mistakes And Save Money

Many supply chains and companies find it hard to identify the root cause of an issue, allowing mistakes to be repeated. Radical transparency technology allows you to pinpoint what happened, and identify trends across multiple products. Every year, businesses can lose millions of pounds on mistakes, while technology like Authena allows you to rectify them quickly and efficiently.

Stamp Out Fraud And Critical Errors In Supply Chains

If you are a big business that relies on the integrity of your supply chain, then radical transparency technology makes this simple. Tracking the end to end lifecycle of your product allows you to identify any fraud, corruption or critical errors arising in your supply chains. Top-quality radical transparency technology is unique to each product in the supply chain, allowing you to get granular data on each item.


Radical transparency is an innovative tool for driving change in your business. You can avoid costly errors and supply chain issues from one single portal, saving money and stamping out fraud. Your employees and clients will develop greater trust in your brand, marking you out as a unique and knowledgeable business. You’ll find internal productivity boosted as company data is readily accessible to your employees. Customers will have a better customer experience, driving brand loyalty and repeat purchases. Radical transparency is the next logical step in business technology.